Refurbished Appliances
We’ve pioneered a 5-tier Appliance Processing Center where appliances are fully refurbished to satisfy the ever-present laundry and kitchen needs.

Tier 1: Qualifying
First, we pick appliances that were originally a good product, and are in fair cosmetic condition, to queue for the refurbishing lines.

Tier 2: Prep
Here, every appliance is disassembled for general and preventative maintenance to prime the appliances for the real work: Testing.

Tier 3: Testing
Our processing center has been outfitted to mimic household utilities to systematically test water, electricity, gas, temperatures, and any other aspects as if in a customer’s home.

Tier 4: Detail & Sanitize
Our specialists follow strict cleaning, detailing, and sanitation policies to give our customers top-of-the-line discount appliances.

Tier 5: Quality Control
The final stop on our refurbishing conveyor belt is our Quality Control Team. QC inspects all appliances to review refurbishing steps used before officially accepting the appliances into our inventory.

Built-in Warranty: In-House Standard 30-Day Parts and Labor Limited Warranty.
Available Warranty: In-House Extended 1-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty.
All warranty terms and extended warranty prices vary. Call our team for details.