Scratch & Dent Appliances
Neu Appliances is an appliance outlet for several big-box stores. Big-box stores allow customers to return or reject appliances for many different reasons. Sometimes appliances get a ding or a dent during installation or delivery. Sometimes appliances are the wrong color, brand, size, or another reason that did not meet the customer’s expectations. These appliances do not get returned to the big-box stores, instead, they are sent to us. Once in our possession, each appliance is put through our Appliance Processing Center to systematically verify functionality before it’s cleared for sale at a big discount.

Reasons an item may be labeled as Scratch & Dent may include: (This list is not exhaustive)
Display or floor models
Cancelled orders
Customer rejected on delivery
Open-box items
Wrong appliance ordered
Appliance didn’t fit
Overstock items
Discontinued models
Customer returns
Cosmetic damage
Customer exchange
User error
Delivery error
Wrong color
Buyer’s remorse
Minor repairs needed

*Built-in Warranty: 1-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty;
*Available Warranty: Additional options may be available solely through the manufacturer.
*Manufacturer warranty terms, lengths, and conditions may vary. Call the manufacturer for details.