Good Business starts with good people. We are a dedicated team of eccentric individuals that are as different and colorful as any other Austin-ite; and that's important to us. Our culture is centered around a mantra of "Honest Customer Care" because we're all customers to someone, or somewhere, and we try to mirror those values company-wide. We're a small appliance outlet making a big impact in an industry that's been waiting for someone to do it right!


Our processes and policies have been evolved over, and over, and over again to cement ourselves as our market's forward-thinking leader. Everything, from our own state-of-the-art inventory management software to top tier testing facilities and processes have lead our success. We constantly retool our appliance business processes to provide the best customer experience. We feel that our customers should be able to save on appliances from the comfort
of their own home. We take the in-store experience and make it virtual with unique product pictures, virtual tours, product specifications and more so you can save on appliances at your convenience. Our team is made up of appliance professionals that know how to get the job done right the first time. Meet the wonderful people who've dedicated their time and efforts into the unstoppable Austin-native mini-empire that is Neu Appliances!

Meet The Team


Founder. Appliance Mongol. 1-Man-Army. Scott has always said, "If we're going to do something, why not be the best?" This motif has pumped through every vein of Neu Appliances allowing him, and his team, to leave their mark and vastly improve the discount appliance industry. Scott's constant push for creativity and forward thinking has taken, what some would consider, a bland industry and flipped it on its head! The result has been the superb experience our customers receive every day. Scott is a well known entrepreneur in the Austin, Tx area involved with several businesses and industries. In all of Scott's companies he applies the same brute force of evolution and the benefits really show.


Kenneth, keeps our inventory, warehouse and books in line while keeping account holders and customers happy. Kenneth might be the strongest accountant in the Austin, Tx Area...(Taking crunching numbers seriously) with a PR deadlift of 625! Born in Austin, Kenneth, was one of Neu Appliance's original employees and has been helping us improve along the way.


John keeps our customers informed and our retail store rolling! He continually improves all things customer facing. Including our social media and retail store operations. Along with being a local Austin-ite OG, John, is also a Neu Appliance OG as one of our first employees.


Logistics and delivery extraordinaire! Declan is the man with the plan for all appliance deliveries. Declan's route planning and systems keep our customer's appliance deliveries fast and on-time. Declan's top notch appliance knowledge ensures you know how to use your appliance before he is off to helps the next customer. Don't get him started about video games however, he has a schedule to keep!


Appliance repair guru. All the way from Trinidad, Josh literally jumped on a plane with a childhood friend to come and chase that American Dream. Josh's ability to troubleshoot and repair appliances have been keeping our customer's happy for years! Josh is one of our many behind the scenes pros at our testing facility ensuring our scratch and dent appliances are up to our standards.


Appliance repair pro! We like to think of ourselves as family at Neu Appliance but Conley actually is! Declan and Conley are 2 brothers originally from Massachusetts rocking it at Neu Appliances. Conley is another super pro behind the scenes at our scratch and dent appliance testing facility.


Quality control expert! The no-nonsense-type whose work has transformed our definition of Quality. His hard work has made us the best in the biz. Joseph helps with receiving, makes sure every appliance is sanitized and checks quality control. Nothing makes it past Joseph unless its to our standards!


The man behind the camera! Javi continues to elevate our appliance game with video content, product pictures and more. Javi's role of digital customer education helps our website viewers see their appliance's condition and features before its in their own home. If your lucky, you can catch his video game livestreams on the weekends.


Customer service wizard! Antonio is the foundation to our stellar customer service. If you ever have an appliance giving you issues or need a different size appliance etc rest assured that Antonio is there to save the day!


Appliance delivery pro! Jeremiah helps Declan provide our customers with our fast and professional appliance delivery and installation. Jeremiah is a fast learner and a great assistant to the cause! If you are receiving an appliance delivery from our outlet keep an eye out for Jeremiah's big smile!


All around appliance expert! Paul is a leader at our retail store ensuring customers are fully educated on how appliances work, features they have and what fits their needs the best. If you have any questions about which appliance meets your unique needs the best, Paul is definitely you go to guy!